Your Wellness Biz Support

Access Bars Training in Shrewsbury 

Therapist, Practitioner, Yogi

Self-employed with a Wellness Business?

Not growing as you’d like it to? Feeling Isolated?

Qualified but don’t know where to start as a Business?

This is your time for everything to change. Instead of stress and trying to sort it all out on your own, allow joy, lightness and abundance into your life. Let me support You and Your Wellness Business.



The Business Joy Academy is a one-stop shop for for you and your Biz. on-line for you to access 24/7.

Access Bars ® Classes are held regularly in Shrewsbury.

There are lots of ways I can help you. Get in touch and let’s see what will work best for you.

Sue isn’t the average Business Coach. Herself having been in private practice with her Wellness Businesses for over 23 years, she’s walked the walk and got the t-shirt.

Join Sue in the Wellness Business Academy.  Online support for you wherever you are and whatever sort of Wellness Biz you have, or are thinking of having.

Take a 1 day Access Bars Class in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Being a Certified Bars Practitioner is a wonderful addition to your Wellness Biz offering

“Sue is certainly one of life’s truly lovely light giving people. Incredibly intuitive, empathic and understanding. Sue offers very sound advice and has already got me thinking in totally different and more constructive ways. Thank you so much for all your help. I feel like a lot of my ‘fog’ has been cleared. Thank you Sue” 

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