Allowing Joy Now

& Art

Joy flows into my life when I am creating Art. 

Hello, and Welcome to my website.  I’m Sue Davies and I am on my personal voyage of discovery into the world of Art and Creativity.

When we engage in something that is joyous for us, our whole being lights up. Our life experience becomes more enjoyable and we become magnetic to the good things we desire in our life.

If not now, when?


That is the question I had been asking myself, prior to making some big changes in my life and create space for making Art in my life.  Art is my Joy and it’s enriching my life big time.

Allowing Joy Art, the time is now…

Responding to Joy calling, I am walking my talk.

Making some radical changes in my life.

Stepping up to what my heart is asking for and creating the space for allowing even more Joy.

Gone are the Therapies (of 23 years) and the Classes. Coaching is more intuitive and connected to my passion and truth.  Art is moving to centre stage; for the sheer delight it gives me and the Joy of it.

If you’d like to join me on the journey of creating, you’re very welcome.


Visit my Galleries

Take a look and see if there is something you like.  I’m making space for new creations, in a new style, so everything has to go.



My background as a Coach, my passion is assisting folk to get into and stay ‘in flow’, supporting them in Allowing Joy into their lives; without getting stuck in the ‘how’ their desires will come into being.

Take a look my  Blogs and my VIP 1:1 session options, they are available for you.   I support folks in keeping their vibration high, so their intuitive self comes through loud and clear, thus allowing inspired action.

I’d love to receive your questions and  feedback if something I offer works for you. And let’s connect on Social Media.

When we engage in something that is joy-ous for us, our whole being lights up. Our life experience becomes more enjoyable and we become magnetic to the delicious things we desire in our life.

Everything follows Joy; the money, love, health and harmony, everything….


Can I ask you….  Are you creating and living the life you desire?  Is your Life as Joyous as you’d like it to be? Are you embracing your (maybe untapped) creative talents?  If not, maybe this is the time to take some steps. To move in the direction of your dreams…

Come and play

Got Questions?

Contact Sue Davies here.   or   Email Sue on 

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Check out my Blogs.

Many included a video because that’s my preferred medium of communication – Verbal.  Being dyslexic writing stuff takes me ages…

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