Treatments in Shrewsbury with Sue Davies

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Enjoy treatments in Shrewsbury with Sue Davies.

Available every Thursday and some Saturday’s in Hadnall, Shrewsbury.

To celebrate being at her new location, she is offering special rates through September.

September Special

Celebrate with Sue offering wellness treatments in Shrewsbury again and enjoy these special prices through September.

Launch Day (12th) ~ All treatments are 1/2 usual price


19th & 26th September ~ All treatments are 20% off usual price


Usual Price is £50 per session for 1 hour, for all treatments in Shrewsbury

Both book the session of your choice and pay with the online system below

Access Bars ®

Delete brain clutter and over thinking, letting anxiety melt away.

Stress busting with ease and relaxation. Verbal Facilitation included during session if you desire.

For more info please visit Access Bars in Shrewsbury

1 hour –  £50

Usui Reiki

Natural healing with Usui Reiki

You get comfy and relax, whilst Reiki will work with your own body’s energy system.  Going to the deepest level of any imbalances.

For more information please visit Reiki in Shrewsbury

1 hour –  £50

Access Energetic Facelift

Concerned about ageing and things sagging?

This Energetic Facelift employs Access Consciousness® Body Energy processes.

No potions or are used in this treatment

1 hour –  £50


Payment made at the time of booking with the online system creates more ease on the day.

If this is difficult for you call Sue on 07855098166 and pay cash on arrival.

Appointment Cancellation

You can cancel or change your appointment with the online booking system. 24 hours notice of cancellation is required or the fee will be payable.

By booking an appointment with Sue you are agreeing with the Terms and Conditions.


Sue offers these wellness treatments in Shrewsbury out of  Barefoot Soul, run by Andrea Amis.

Look out for the Barefoot Soul signage and on the front door buzzer.

The unit is number 16

16 The Stables,  Sansaw Business Park,  Hadnall, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 4AS






Find Sue every Thursday and some Saturday’s within  Barefoot Soul


16 The Stables

Sansaw Business Park

Hadnall,   Shrewsbury,  Shropshire, SY4 4AS

Only 10 minutes from the Battlefield area of Shrewsbury.

Ideally placed for those coming from  Shawbury, Market Drayton, Oswestry, Whitchurch, Chester and Telford.

Parking available with a beautifully landscaped setting.


Click the pink button below to visit the on-line calendar to book and pay for your treatment session in Shrewsbury.

All treatments are the same duration and price.You can tell Sue when you arrive what treatment you’d like.

Choose between-

  • Access Bars ®
  • Usui Reiki
  • Access Energetic Facelift ™

There aren’t any contraindications to any of these treatments, and a case history is not required, so there is no need for a longer 1st appointment.

These treatments in Shrewsbury with Sue time for you, you can talk if you wish or be silent, your preference is your choice.  Should you desire verbal Facilitation from Sue, please ask, it’s available within the appointment time should you wish.

For more information about Access Consciousness®, the modalities, classes and products visit the main site here  

If you’d like more information Reiki with Sue, including trainings click here or about The Reiki Association click here

I received Access Bars from Sue recently and did not know what to expect. She was very thorough in explaining any questions I had.

During the session I entered a deep state of peace and relaxation and came away feeling refreshed and with renewed energy and clarity.

Sue is a warm, welcoming, professional therapist and I look forward to receiving further sessions from her in the future!

Gemma Price

Complementary Therapist, Shropshire Wellness

Went for my first Access Bars session with Sue and it was amazing.

Felt so light and calm afterwards. I was very intrigued how different hand positions had different effects on my mind and body.

I shall definitely be learning more about Access Bars. Thanks Sue x

Romella Jones

Holistic Therapist, Space for Calm

My first [Reiki] treatment was wonderful, a comforting, soothing energy – I felt totally safe and secure.

I remember feeling a powerful surge of energy from my head down to my heart giving me a strong urge to laugh, as if connecting with a deep sense of joy inside me.

Sally M

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