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Starting or have an existing business, and feeling like there is so much to do and not sure where to start?  My 25 Business Top Tips might just help.

There is no need to get bogged down with stuff that wont bring you a return on your investment of time. Nor to sink a load of your hard saved cash into things you don’t really need.

With 24+ years in business, allow me to share my 25  Business Top Tips with you.

These are in no particular order, and remember, creating and running a business is a marathon not a sprint, it’s supposed to be fun and joy-filled isn’t it? So keep things light and easy.

Read on and enjoy. If I can be of any assistance please Contact me.

Get your name out everywhere you can for free. Make use of those free online listings. Tell everyone what you are doing and direct everyone over to your website. Give out your cards like confetti; who knows what they will lead to. It’s estimated that we need 30 ‘touches’ before someone buys these days.

Website, start simple and with a minimum investment because things will change. Even if it’s just a couple of pages, explaining your services and how folk can contact you, your website is your ‘shop window’. Please don’t invest mega money in the early days and choose one that you can update yourself. A Facebook page to direct people to will suffice initially, whilst you find your feet.

Things will evolve in the first few years, so allow yourself some wriggle room and don’t get locked into expensive contracts.

Consider developing a specialist area of expertise, something that really lights you up. Being the ‘go to’ person in your market, will help you to stand out amongst others offering the same sorts of services and you can still be a generalist also.

Include your photo wherever you can. A pretty logo is all well and good but we (your customers), want to see who you are, we want to build a connection before we book. Photo’s help build the ‘Know, Like and Trust’ factor.

People Buy people. Show yourself and make a human connection

Spend less to grow. It’s easy to get carried away with the pretty stuff; Graphic design, Business cards, Imaginary etc. Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s best to start simple. There are lots of cheaper options to start with that can serve you perfectly well. Choose a colour theme and some key words and get creative. Invest from your Wellness Business when funds allow, and you’ve established your market.

It’s ok show your personality (yet still professional obviously), you are the human element of the Business, your you-ness is the USP (unique selling point) of your business. You are a unique individual and hiding away won’t help grow your business. A catchy business name is all very well but it may box you in from evolving.

Don’t wait for perfection in order to start. Trust me on this one…. perfectionism is crippling. Your website will never be totally finished, a photo could always be better etc etc. Bite the bullet and start getting stuff out there.

Find a Mentor or Coach to work with who has been there and done it. Someone to boost you up on the not-so-great days. Things will ebb and flow and having that support will be invaluable. Get in touch and see how I can help you…

Customer Care and After Sales Service. What keeps them coming back? People want to feel special, feel valued. Good customer service paramount for building client loyalty.

Do what you Love and Grow it with Joy.

What an amazing Business that will create!

Social Media. Love it or hate it, get it working for you. Get out there on it but being mindful of being professional and not broadcasting. Post a variety of things – pictures, memes, articles, videos. Choose a primary and secondary platform that fits your business and build a following, don’t attempt to do them all. Schedule the social media. There are lots of free options to make scheduling easy and save you oodles of time.

Consider both online and offline versions of your business. It will serve those that cant reach you in person and expands the possibilities of growth that aren’t limited by your time and energy.

Hold onto the bigger vision and visit it regularly. Enjoy the baby steps, the early days. The route to your bigger goal may not develop as you imagine, so remain open to unexpected opportunities.

Stay open to the unexpected

Think Creatively rather than Competitively. Others may be in the same sector as yourself, but what makes you different? Celebrate your difference. See above re Specialist. You are all singing the same song, just in a different key.   Always keep your integrity! Make friendly contact with your ‘competition’. A quick chat can highlight your differences; be it client base, geography or preferences. It can be surprisingly useful for referrals in the future.

Appreciate the ‘Day Job’. Stay friends with any other income streams, you may want your Joyous Biz to be your main thing, but it doesn’t have to be an either/or. Enjoy the Day Job and feel gratitude for all that it provides for you and enables you to have this opportunity. Taking the pressure off where your income comes from allows money to flow to you with ease.

This isn’t rocket science, it’s simply not always comfortable

Make it easy for them (customers, patients, clients). Is your information findable? How do they book and pay? What about your services information? Attention span can be short these days and if folk can’t sort it out quick they’ll most likely go somewhere else.

Grow through your fears. Love what you do but hate self-promotion? Camera phobic? or fearful of judgement? We all have various stuff that blocks our success, don’t let them stop you, seek help in clearing them. I use various energy techniques to dissolve limiting beliefs, swiftly, pain free and permanent.

Feedback and Testimonials. Ask your clients for feedback and for their permission to use it in your advertising. You may be able to improve or expand your offering after listening to them.

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Encourage your happy customers to share your details. Maybe consider a referral scheme or loyalty card.

Self Care. Factor in your own self-care and well-being, if you fall to bits you won’t have a business. Make sure you make time in your diary for treatments, time out or whatever restores you.

Nearly there, this is the last 5 points of my 25 Business Top Tips

Behind the scenes. It takes time to do your figures, marketing, appointment preparation etc. It’s all part of running your business, if not directly paid for but needs doing. Have you factored this in with your pricing? Put love into all the routine tasks as well as the paid for stuff, appreciate all the aspects of your business, they are all parts of the whole.

Build your business around your life by planning ahead. What are the hours you want to work at this point? Don’t compromise your priorities, some special times you can never get back again. Amazingly, customers/clients will often fit into the appointments you offer them. Affirm that you attract wonderful customers who are a perfect match for you.

Be a customer. Experience a customer’s perspective. Can you get together with a trusted someone, pretending you are each a customer and give feedback? Do you visit others offering the same service? Great for inspiration and the benefits of their offering.

Get Blogging. It will do wonders for your ‘expert’ status and remember that your readers are often beginners on the subject. It will help drive traffic to your website (good for SEO) and help provide you with stuff for social media posts.

Do what you love, don’t grow a monster. Something might bring in the money, but if you don’t love it, it will deplete your energy and at some point will crash. Follow your heart, love your Business, pour joy into it and it will repay you a thousand fold.

There you have it, my 25 Business Top Tips,  I hope you’ve found them useful.


Bonus Tip

Allow space and opportunity for magic, for the unexpected, for opportunity and happy accidents, for surprising twists and turns.  The Universe is on your side and can orchestrate things so much better than we can with planning and pushing, allow the energy to flow….

Enjoy the lightness and fun of it all and it will bring things together so much joy and ease.

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