Hands on Sessions in Shrewsbury

Come and enjoy a deeply relaxing energy sessions with Sue at her private home treatment space in Shrewsbury.

Choose between Access Bars or Energetic Facelift

60 minutes appointment – £60.

Prepay for 5 and get a 6th for free.

Access Bars Classes

As an Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator,  Sue regularly run both private and public Certified Access Bars® classes in Shrewsbury.

Classes at Sue’s home are usually for 2 people. Larger groups at other locations.  

Want to know the dates of future classes and to organise a private class for you and your chums? Contact me 

Creation Clarity Calls

Wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy a 1:1 call with Sue for clarity and change. This is your time with Sue, on the topic of your choice.

Creation Clarity Call – 30 minutes £40

Creation Clarity Call – 60 minutes.  £60

Prepay for 5 calls and receive a 6th free

Allowing Joy

Life is supposed to be fun and Joyous.

Everyday we can take steps to improving our lot and I’m here to help you do that.

Using all sort of tools and techniques that I’ve gathered in the last 20++ years, let’s start making a big difference today.



I run various classes, both to the public and to private groups.

These may be for Access Consciousness® Bars or on various Business/Money/Energy topics.

Do you have a team or group that would like a tailor-made class?

Get in touch and lets talk….


Let's Talk

Need some support?

Mentor – Coach – Teacher, call me what you like.

Where ever you are in the world we can communicate, through the wonders of Zoom or Skype it’s like we’re in the same room together.

Get in touch and let’s see what we can sort out

Energy Expert

To me everything is Energy.

Our money, business/work and personal situation is a reflection of our energy. We will attract more of the energy we BE

Everything can change as our energy changes. What would you like to change today?

Have a look at my Blogs and see what lights you up

I received Access Bars from Sue recently and did not know what to expect. She was very thorough in explaining any questions I had. During the session I entered a deep state of peace and relaxation and came away feeling refreshed and with renewed energy and clarity. Sue is a warm, welcoming, professional therapist and I look forward to receiving further sessions from her in the future!

Gemma Price

Shropshire Wellness

Sue is delight to be in her company and a great teacher. Today I was her pupil for Access Consciousness. What a great day we had. Her energy is beautiful. She was helpful, full of knowledge and clear when talking. Fully recommend people to have their Bars run and learn it for themselves. I love it. Thank you Sue xx

Karen Yale

Fantastic course , really enjoyed it ,very uplifting . Very inspirational tutor. Thanks very much xxx

Rebecca Wells-Moore