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Accounts and Money, love it or hate it, money is vital in our world and these days most of us have bank accounts of some description, maybe even several as well as business accounts.

Whether it’s for Business, Personal or both, most of us dealing with financial accounts of some sort or other, why not show your accounts some love, really get to know them and make friends with them.  You’ll feel so much better for it.

 Do you really know your financial worth? And would the number please you? .

Knowing your real money situation is empowering


Not knowing your real money situation can create a lot of underlying stress.  Getting clear about your real financial situation is empowering.

It may bring you some surprises and could save you a few quid here and there with forgotten commitments and unclaimed owing’s.

Here are some general pointers to get you thinking, if you realise you have financial difficulties, please seek professional advice.


Show your Accounts some love and attention

Take a really close look at your bank statements.  Notice all the incoming and outgoing payments, can you account for them all?

Direct Debits and Standing Orders. Are they all relevant and current or are you still paying for things you no longer require like memberships and subscriptions.

Are there any outstanding payments you are waiting for? A polite phone reminder might do the trick.  If it’s too big a task, look at professional services.  It’s worth paying someone (credit controller) for an hour or two who will bring in all those outstanding debts.

Tap on it…

Take a look at my Get Tapping with EFT Blog here. Tapping with EFT could help with these asking for money nerves. 

Is there cash or cheques sitting around that could be paid in?  Gathering it all together may amount to more than you realise. Check handbags, wallets, purses, pockets.

What about remaining foreign currency from that holiday?  Often when we get back, we intend to cash in those notes and then life takes over.

Money is simply a symbol of energy that we use as an exchange. We could get paid in carrots but the Gas company may not agree to that as currency, it like money.

What we give our attention to increases, so if it’s that money is a joyous expression of exchange…. expect more.  If it’s that money is bad, dirty or something to distrust, what might your financial experience be?

Show your Accounts some Love by getting them in order and with appreciation for all the in’s as well as the out’s.


Here is a old video from my achives to provoke some thoughts.


What is your Money Story?

Listening to yourself talk about money will give you many clues.  What did you grow up hearing? Money is dirty, Rich people are…. We can’t afford it, Don’t be flash. And the like, are those things true for you? You may be living someone else’s beliefs about money.

Money Leaks

If you note every penny you spend in a month, it’s interesting to see where it all goes.  How much are you spending on coffee’s, meals out,  takeaways or other non-essentials?  Know exactly where your money goes to, only you can decide if that expenditure is ok or not.

Review regularly

If you don’t have a financial year end to work to choose a date, as your regular money review date. Do it monthly or weekly if you really want to get on top of your finalcial situation.  Here at Allowing Joy HQ, I know the exact financial situation of both business and personal accounts all the time.

Show you Accounts some Love

Really appreciate what goes out as well as what comes in.  Love that money that keeps the roof over your head, puts food on your table and so much more.

I highly recommend both of the books below to give you a new perspective on money and your receiving.

You can get them from me (including uk postage) or import them from the USA yourself. 

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