Sue Davies ~ Artist and Creative

“I’ll have a go at that later” I kept saying.

  When is later? The years keep rolling by.  The time  for me to explore various creative outlets is now.

I believe everyone has an artistic side of some.  Allow me to share my journey of exploration with you.

For me, this is about fun, play-time, de-stressing and exploring.


Energy Art

Every picture and creative piece of art has it’s own energy. We (people) often try to direct and control the process, expecting a certain outcome.

Amazing creatives say that the inspiration ‘just come to them’ or even ‘through them’.

Inviting the energy of a creation to play and contribute, and who knows what may emerge; no right, no wrong.

I love playing with paint. Allowing it to flow and see what emerges.


Reiki Art


Inspirational Art for your Reiki space?

Inviting Reiki to participate in the creation is my bag.

A image that is infused with and oozes Reiki is also my bag, big time!

Visual Arts Network, Shrewsbury

Along with other local creatives Sue exhibit some of her work at The Visual Arts Network (VAN) Gallery in Shrewsbury.

There you will find some pieces that aren’t available to purchase from this online Shop, such as the Reiki Heart Boxes and Star Boxes.

Find out more about VAN here

If your in Shrewsbury, pop along and take a look, there is all sort of gorgeous original work there.

Life is all about Allowing Joy, Love and Creativity. Everything else will follow with ease.

Allowing Joy Art

is Sue Davies on You Tube & Facebook

Please Follow and Subscribe to the YouTube Channel (Allowing Joy Art) for videos of Sue’s Creations as they happen, including the ones that don’t go to plan.

Likewise, Sue’s dedicated Facebook Page shares her Creative journey with you, let’s all connect up on @AllowingJoyArt here


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