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Change happens whether we like it or not. How we respond to an unexpected challenge, directly impacts on our ability to transcend it with  ease.   Unexpected things arise or the Doodah hits the fan.

What’s your first response?  Conclusion…. it must be because of X, Y or Z. Judgement….. I’ve done something wrong to deserve this.   Or maybe you could ask a question?

In the past I’ve been in the habit going with one of the 1st two options of Conclusion and Judgement, sometimes both simultaneously, and neither of which were supportive to me.

Then I discovered another option that is so much more empowering.   Asking a question….  And that question is – “Is this the change I’ve been asking for?”

Ask the question without judgement, conclusion or looking for an answer.

Is this the Change I’ve been Asking for?


Ask with openness, with curiosity and lightness. In a sort ‘oh, that’s interesting’ sort of way.

Then wait to see what emerges or awareness you have.


I’d never ask for this….

When I’ve used this tool with Coaching Clients, sometime they’ve retorted with “I’d never ask for something like this!”  With further investigation, a different picture has usually emerged.

It’s not so much about whether we have we been verbally asking or not. Rather, what have we been conjuring up energetically through our thoughts, day-dreams and imaginings. Asking non-verbally.

Every thought carries a vibration. What we think are our idle ponderings are actually very are potent wishes.


When we’re not attached to how things might change and how they will turn out, the transition can be remarkably easy and even Joyful. 

The trick is to get ourselves out of the way, to remain open to possibilities and see what unfolds, with the wide-eyes wonder of a child.  Who knows, everything may emerge way better than you could ever have imagined.

Thank You

Still anxious and confused?  Remain thankful and in appreciation, in anticipation. No second guessing, doubting or meddling.

Saying Thank You and feeling appreciation for what is coming, even when we don’t yet see it, is the fastest way to bring delicious ‘wants’ into your life.  Even when you hadn’t even realised you were asking for them.


How great is that!


Sue’s Insight

I’ve recently been asking this question around change, see what my recent Ah-Ha’s were.

Change can be as easy or as difficult as we choose to make it.

Are you having challenges?    Comment below and let’s see how I can help.

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