We know it’s there even when its out of sight, the clutter, those ‘spare’ items, unused purchases, the I-might-want-it-sometime thing.
Be it hiding in cupboards, on top of the wardrobe. Up in the loft, hidden in the garage or buried in a garden shed.

It’s there, all the while depleting our creative energy, our flow, while we summon up the courage to do something about it.

We may try to forget about it but we still know it’s there, and that alone will deplete us.

I personally know this to be true, I’ve hung onto loads of ‘useful’ stuff over the years.  Then at other times, I’ve got rid of virtually everything I owned, only keeping what I could carry in a backpack. I’m not suggesting anything that radical here.

Wrongness, Judgement and unkindness


It’s easy to beat ourselves up when we haven’t done something we could (notice I don’t use the words should or ought, we are adults and can make a choice). Such as complete or make use of that training course. Worn the outfit or passed on those items you’ll never use again.

Whether we allow our homes to get taken over by clutter or simply there is a bit of a backlog, it’s all a choice.

Judging ourselves and going into wrongness about it doesn’t help and it’s not kind.

Money Guilt


Ok, give yourself a break on this one as well. We’ve probably all done it at some time, paid for something and not made use of it (exercise equipment springs to mind). Bought a class/course or an item of clothing.

I admit to having found an skirt that still had it’s tags on, it somehow never really grabbed me but I hadn’t got around to taking it back. The charity shop was delighted.

Whatever the money was spent on, it’s gone…pffft! You’ve helped the global economy…. now let it go.

Make the Change


Ready to make a change and do something? It’s your choice….

You can Keep it and use it. Wear it or Pass it on. Either through Selling, Gifting or throwing out.

If you decide to move it on, release it from you life with love, someone else will love it.


Others might want your clutter


We don’t need to spend too long at a Car Boot sale to realise that, one persons junk is another persons treasure.  I’m not saying your clutter is junk, though it might be, it may well be the be just the thing they are looking for though.

By you keeping that stuff stashed away, you’re doing someone else a disservice, it may easily be what they desire and can make very good use of.



The benefits of clearing Clutter


Oh, there are so many benefits to releasing clutter from your life. In addition to more space, order and the ability  to clean the area (which is energy raising in itself). It feels deliciously freeing. You may generate some cash. And is opens up Creation energy and gets you back into flow.

So when you’re feeling a bit stuck, have a tidy up, clear up anything messy and regain some order in your space.


I did a video for Facebook recently, after realising that I had a stash of books I’d bought from the states to offer for sale to my students and treatment clients.

I’m no longer offering the classes or in-person treatments, so they’ve been here, in my office, as clutter, waiting for my decision.

This was filmed near the end of lockdown, when travel was permitted and with social distancing.

They have now all sold – Yay!

I’ve freed up physical space and mental space, and turned them into cash. 

What’s more, they are out in the world to people that want them. That’s a win-win for sure.

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