Distance Reiki Healing

Receiving Distance Reiki Healing is a Joy, it’s so easy and soothing, yet powerful and healing.

In this current time of crisis, Sue has increased her time available for sending Distance Reiki Healing, and created special rates, making it affordable for more people.

We are each needing Healing support more than ever right now, allow Sue to be part of that network for you now.


How do I receive Distance Reiki?

Most people, when they go to bed at night, Call In the Distance Reiki, simply by being receptive to receiving it.

There is nothing you need to do. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep, in fact that’s when you are best receptive to the deep healing.

What will I feel during the Distance Reiki session?

Some people aren’t aware of anything particular and simply doze off.

Others may experience warmth or tingling. Some say they feel profoundly relaxed and calm.  Some are aware of colours.  There is no right or wrong, every individual and every session is different.

Is Reiki Safe?

Yes, Reiki is perfectly safe to receive.  Often described as laying on of hands healing without a belief system attached.

Anyone and everyone can enjoy Reiki. from babies to oldies, Humans and animals.

Distance Reiki  works on the energetic and emotional level of anything that’s going on, going to the deepest level first.

Will Sue target problems?

This Distance Reiki option isn’t for targeting physical issues particularly.  Sue doesn’t diagnose or judge. 

Simply, the Reiki is pulled through by your by energy body and it decides the rest, Reiki works ‘for the Highest good’ of anything.

How do I book?

Choose how many sessions you want.   Pay the amount with the PayPal button.  Contact Sue on Sue@SueDavies.me or with this form

Special Prices

  • 1 x session    only  £15
  • 3 x sessions  only  £30   ( equivalent to £10 per session)
  • 7 x sessions  only  £50   ( equivalent to £7.14 per session)

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