It’s easy to get Tapping with EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

Here is a selection of videos to walk you through all the aspects to get you easily Tapping with EFT.

Everything you need is here; what to say and how to tap, as well as how to measure intensity.

Start with the first video and work through sequentially,

**  EFT does not replace seeking appropriate medical help. By watching this video, you are agreeing to take responsibility for your own well-being. **

EFT Tapping Points, where are they and how to Tap

Yuck-ometer and the What

With EFT Tapping it’s helpful to know our intensity number on the ‘Yuck-ometer’ scale. Also to clearly identify what we are tapping on. Being too generalised gives poorer results.

EFT Tap along with Sue 1st OK

Sometimes the ‘OK’ level of acceptance is all we can manage. Work with this video until you feel you can move to Tap 2nd

Self care re EFT & Energy work – Very important

Doing any energy work including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT – Tapping) can create some powerful clearings. Drink lots of water to flush stuff through.

Tap along with Sue 2nd – OK+

Tap with Sue – 3rd

This is for when you feel you can say ‘I deeply and completely accept myself’, if not got back to No 2

EFT Tap with Sue 4th – Parts

EFT Tapping for Self Acceptance

Tap along with Sue for Forgiveness.

EFT Tapping with Sue – Morning Tapping Rampage

Revisit this whenever you need a boost

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