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EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is beautifully simple, yet hugely effective for releasing intensity in the moment.

Here are a selection of videos that walk you through EFT in easy steps. Including what to say and measuring the intensity.

There are also different videos for your current level of self-acceptance; starting with ‘I’m ok’ and moving up to ‘I deeply and completely love and accept myself’.

I often use EFT in VIP 1:1 sessions and in groups for releasing intensity clearing limiting beliefs.

EFT Tapping Points

Where are the Tapping points?

Sue explains to you where all the EFT Tapping points are.

They are Acupuncture points, except we use our finders to ‘Tap’ and activate the points.

The What? 

First we need to know what out topic is.   Snip the movie in your head down into little bite sized chunks.

Too broad a topic dilutes the results, get really specific….. that moment when….

Yuck-ometer Scale


Think of this as a Temperature gauge.

We measure the emotional intensity at it’s peak; out of 0 to 10 (10 being the highest) where are you now?

The best results come from stuff that is a 6 or above on the scale before Tapping.

It’s not rocket science, simple guess the number and you’ll be right I expect. If you’re sobbing and sweating – that’s a 10!

After Tapping we revisit the scale and notice what number the emotional level is.

Sometimes, we will want to leave it a while to settle, the revisit it and see if there is any intensity remaining. Being without that angst can be quite a brain-shock for someone and takes a bit of adjusting to being without it.

Self Care with EFT Tapping and any energy work

Water, water and more water!!

Please note – By watching these videos you are agreeing to take responsibility for your own wellbeing. If you feel unwell; stop.

EFT Tapping does not replace seeking appropriate medical help.

1st ‘Ok’ EFT Tapping

Start with this video and the ‘I’m OK’ level of acceptance.

If this feels light and comfortable, move onto the next video.

2nd ‘OK+’ EFT Tapping


This is a deeper level of self-acceptance, if it feels too much, go back to the 1st ‘OK’ video.

Try it out, some topics and days it will be too much, some topics and days it will be just right.

3rd ‘Deeply OK’  EFT Tapping

Ready for words of much more self-acceptance?  If it’s too much go back to a previous video.

Remember to drink lots of water.

4th – ‘Parts’ EFT Tapping

Sometimes a memory or issue is best broken to separate parts or issues.

Try this with the level of self-acceptance that works for you.


Self Acceptance with EFT Tapping

We all benefit from this Tapping script as a reminder and top-up of our self-acceptance levels.

When we are doubting ourselves, judging ourselves or remembering something that it’s sitting well for us. 


Forgiveness with EFT Tapping 

Forgiveness of ourselves and forgiveness of others.

Letting go of the stuff around others is a real game-changer, remaining a victim doesn’t serve us at all.


Morning Rampage with EFT Tapping

Prop your phone up in front of the mirror and Tap along with Sue in this high energy video.

Great for when you need a lift and some more Oomph in your life.

Had a one to one session with Sue recently and she was fabulous. Sometimes when you have your own business there can be so much to do and it is sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. Sue’s guidance has helped me to focus on the direction I want to go in and how to show that to clients. The session has provided me with energy to take my practice to a higher level.
I love Sue’s energy, she was great to speak to and her experience as a therapist was really helpful. Thanks Sue.
Rebecca Garratt

Sue is certainly one of life’s truly lovely light giving people. Incredibly intuitive, empathic and understanding.

Sue offers very sound advice and has already got me thinking in totally different and more constructive ways.

Thank you so much for all your help. I feel like a lot of my ‘fog’ has been cleared. Thank you Sue

Jenny Hudson

I have experienced my first 1:1 coaching session with Sue today and I'm feeling energised and clear about my business goals.

Sue’s energy is contagious and her knowledge and experience is evident as she helped me to focus on my long term goals for my Reflexology business.

I've also received some very useful tips and tools to help me achieve those goals. I’m excited to see how my business grows and also to work with Sue in the future .

Andrea Amis

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