Sue Who?

Like so many established businesses, things have evolved to how they are now.

But we all want to know the back story don’t we, if you see my Chiropody Diploma certificate on the wall of my clinic you’ll see Sue Ashton.  Let’s bring you up to date…

Sue Ashton the Chiropodist, to Ashton-Green

When I first qualified as a Chiropodist with a Diploma in Chiropody in 1995, it was as Sue Ashton.

This involved a (1-year) study programme and exams with the then called, Institute of Chiropodists. These were followed by 8 weeks of intensive clinical practice at the Scholl Training School, in Sheffield.   As the clinic was open to the public, we never knew what foot care delights and challenges we’d encounter next, a fabulous training ground for ‘real life’ work.

Friendly and professional, will always advise on any foot care problems. An excellent quality service.       Mrs B. since July 1997 

After qualifying, I opened my private practice and set up a Chiropody Clinic at The Natural Health Centre in Radbrook Green, Shrewsbury. This became a thriving clinic, accommodating a team of 3 of us.

During this time I also built up a Domiciliary Practice, visiting individual clients at home and in Nursing and Care establishments. I spent 2 years as a Visiting Practitioner at my local Hospice, tending to the foot care needs of residents and patients attending the Day Care Centre.

My name then evolved to Sue Ashton-Green. This made me very findable (the only Sue Ashton-Green on Google), even if I did sound like a housing estate.

Chiropodist to Foot Health Practitioner

In 2005, my industry had some big internal changes, confusing both us and the public.  This resulted in my professional title changing from Chiropodist to Foot Health Practitioner.

I left the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and joined The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners where I was a member for many years.

As a responsible professional,  I am committed to keeping my skills and knowledge up to date as well as maintaining all the required insurances.

The treatment that I offer has remained a constant, it’s only job title that has changed.  My practice continued to be called Ashton-Green Foot care.

To Sue Davies- Foot Health Practitioner

When I married in 2015, I changed my personal name to Sue Davies, though still traded as Ashton-Green Foot care as I’d been around for so long under that name. You can read my Blog about it here

As a lover of continuity, in 2016 I decided it was time to streamline things and to re-brand to business name to Sue Davies Foot Care, you can read about it in my blog post Re-brand

I never would have imagined that I’d still be looking after feet for over 20 years!

Each time Sue has visited to look at my feet she has left them in significantly better shape than she found them. She’s a good listener and I find the continuity of care that she is able to provide invaluable and most reassuring. I have a history of in-growing toenails and she has kept them trouble free.                                                    Mr B.  since July 2013

It’s the people that the feet belong to that make my job so interesting and varied. In all my years in Private Practice, I’ve had the privilege to have patients from every walk of life, all backgrounds and in all sorts of situations.

Call me today on 07855 098166

On October 3rd 2017 I took over Happy Feet Clinic in Bicton, Shrewsbury.

Prior to Feet?

My earlier career, was in the the Hotel & Catering Industry. Though 24/7 responsibility and very demanding, I loved my last appointment which was on Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Then I decided it was time for a ‘gap year’ and I took myself off travelling in Australia for a while.

Upon returning to the UK, I moved to Shrewsbury and decided to retrain as a Chiropodist.  The rest they say, is history….