Fancy learning Access Bars ® in 2019?

As an Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator I run classes where you can learn Access Bars all year round.


Maybe you know about Access Bars® maybe you don’t… Take a look at Access Bars Shrewsbury for some great videos that explain Access Bars® better than my words can.

Let’s look at the Where?  Who?  Cost? When? etc

I can’t imagine my life without Access Bars® and the tools from Access Consciousness® now, they allow so much more ease and clarity in my mind and my life.

I wonder what magic learning Access Bars® could create in your life?

Like anything new, we never can know the wonderful changes that can occur until we take that step.


Many of the Access Bars classes I facilitate are at my home in Shrewsbury (SY3 area).  I have a quiet private treatment space where I live, here you can relax in a homely environment that is still professional. Enjoy the class to get maximum benefit from the sessions for yourself.

Some of these may be advertised to the public, some are filled privately.

or to You 

I am equally happy to come to your location.  Got a group of people together who want to learn Bars?

Lets talk about the possibilities. Contact me on  or 07855098166.  You can also contact me via various Social Media inks.

What’s your Why?

Some folks want to learn Access Bars® so that they can treat their loved ones, kids get huge benefits from having their Bars run, I wonder how much more ease it could create around study and exam times.

Stress is such a major factor in work absenteeism, swapping Bars in an evening seems to just melt away stresses and overthinking.


At the end of the one day Access Bars® Class, everyone receives their Access Bars® Practitioner Certificate (even if they just want to use it at home).

I am seeing more and more Practitioners and Therapists coming to my Classes who want to learn Access Bars and add it to their skill set. It is such a useful tool to have available and easy to deliver.  Becoming an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner is a step that creates lots of positive possibilities for them.

I always offer ongoing support to my students, my Facebook group is available to you as a resource visit it here


The cost for learning Access Bars is set by Access Consciousness®, not by me.

New Students – £270.  includes Manual, Head charts and Certificate

Repeat Students – £135. includes  Manual, Head charts and Certificate

Teenagers –  ages 16 and 17, pay 50% of the full class price

Children –  ages 15 and under, can come to a class at no cost when attending with a paying adult.


Learning Access Bars® is usually a full 1 days Class, 9.30pm until about 5.30pm with a lunch break.

We can just as easily run a class over two consecutive half days if that creates more ease for you.

Get in touch and lets look at the possibilities.  So long as we cover all that we need it, all is good.

I look forward to hearing from you soon…