So there you are feeling ok with your business, when Boom!  A new kid on the block pops up…. A new competitor in your market sector.

They’re bright and fresh and seem to have masses of new marketing ideas.  They seem to be everywhere you look – Yikes! You find yourself having big wobbles….. about your business,  about  everything.

Breathe….. let me reassure you that these wobbles are totally natural, even the most established business person can feel them.

How you react and respond to these feelings and the new kid on the block is all important for your business and your personal well-being.

Knee Jerk

Fear may well be the knee jerk reaction. Fear of competition. Fear of missing out on new clients if the competitor gets them first. Fear of loosing your existing clients to this new competitor can all add up to fear of not earning enough and your business succeeding.

In amongst this fear are all sorts of anxieties especially if the new competitor is newly qualified or more qualified. Feeling good enough is often a biggie, as well as being compared and judged.

All these and more are totally natural initial reactions, all part of you fight or flight mechanism except, there isn’t a sabre-toothed tiger staring you in the eye. Let’s keep things in proportion lovely.


Get yourself a cuppa and take a few moments to remind yourself –

You where the new kid once, with all the fears and anxieties of starting out and setting up.

People buy people, so clients/customers/patients will be drawn to those that are ‘right’ for them.

We are all unique. Even if someone else is offering the same (in theory) services, they aren’t a carbon-copy of you. It’s you you’ness that makes you different.

Tap on it

Reduce some of the wobble by Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping.

Not sure how to Tap? Take a look at my Get started with EFT Freebie which has a selection of videos to walk you through.

Try  “Even though I feel threatened….”   “Even though I’m wobbled by this new competitor….”  for starters.

Competitor or Ally

How we respond to any situation is a choice, that choice can either empower or disempower us. Which would you rather choose?

I like to see all ‘competitors’ as allies, we are singing the same song, in harmony.  Maybe there is a way that you can work together or support each other? Maybe you have different areas of special interest or zones of genius.

Truth be told, they are probably feeling nervous about you.


You’re passionate about  your business and put your heart and soul into it, get that and this wobble will pull your energy right off. Let’s bring in some love to soothe this wobble and get your vibration up and radiating again. 

Get quiet and see yourself surrounded in beautiful pink light, fill yourself up. Allow yourself to become calm and centred with your breath.  When you feel full with this love-light, allow it to radiate out….

Imagine the new kid on the block, standing there in front of you (even if you don’t know what they look like).  Stay centred and radiating love-light….  See yourself extend out your hand with a smile of friendship to the new kid…. In doing so, you are now both surrounding with light….

Enough to go around

There is enough to around, enough clients to satisfy you, the new competitor on the block and all the others offering what you offer, if you carry that in your vibration.

Carry feelings of lack and scarcity and that’s what you’ll experience.  Carry feelings of abundance and positivity and that will be your experience.

Say Hi

When you’re feeling in a better place about new kid on the block turning up, why not get in touch and arrange a meet-up. A natter over a coffee could reap all sorts of dividends in the future.  They are probably far more nervous about meeting you that you realise.

I have build many rewarding associations over the years from making a connection with a ‘competitor’. Appreciating similarities as well as differences can be a great foundation for a professional relationship or even friendship.

What can you learn from this new competitor?

They may have fresh ideas.  Their appearance on the block may nudge you into becoming more of a specialist than generalist. There may be an opportunity for some sort of collaboration between you.

Consider how can your business reflect more of your you’ness?

Be open to new possibilities.   The input of energy from the new copetitor will raise the profile of your type of service, which can be a launchpad for you.

A competitor on the block need not be a threat. Think creatively rather than competitively, you are both singing the same song but with different voices.

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