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Hello I’m Sue Davies, Creator, Coach and Artist.  Welcome to my website. 

Who would have thought in January that our Spring would see so many radical changes in our lives, both here in the UK and worldwide.

And what an unexpected opportunity to embrace new possibilities in each of our lives. I wonder what changes you’d like to make? For now and for the future.

Can I ask you….  Are you Creating and living the life you desire?  Is your Life as Joyous as you’d like it to be? Are you embracing your (maybe untapped) creative talents?  If not maybe this is the time to take some steps, respond to the shake up we’re experiencing. To move in the direction of your dreams…

If not now, when?

The time is now…

I  (Sue Davies) am responding to Consciousness calling.

Making some radical changes in my life.

Stepping up to what my heart is asking for and creating the space for even more Joy.

Gone are the Therapies (of 23 years), the Classes. Coaching is more intuitive and connected to my passion and truth.  Creating  and Art is moving to centre stage; for the Joy of it.

If you’d like to stick around and follow my journey, you’re very welcome.

My offerings as a Coach are still unfolding. Qualified as a Life and Business Coach and with 24+ years worth of self-employment experience, for many years I was communicating with members of the Wellness Industry.

Many Creative folk naturally think ‘outside the box’ as it were, and seem to appreciate my naturally intuitive way of working, employing various energy tools, techniques and Universal Laws in our 1:1 Sessions.

Take a look at my Blog posts, some are for Business Support on my Blogs page.

My passion really is assisting folk to stay ‘in flow’, supporting them in keeping their vibration high, so their intuitive self comes through loud and clear for them.  Creating their life and Business in alignment with their desires. Helping them to be true to themselves and expressing that in their creations.

Let’s see where this adventure takes us…..

I’d love your feedback if something I offer works for you. And let’s connect on Social Media.

Got Questions?

Contact Sue Davies here.   or   Email Sue on 

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Check out my Blogs.

Many included a video because that’s my preferred medium of communication – Verbal.  Being dyslexic writing stuff takes me ages…

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Joy of Business Book -

 EnJOY your Business more

This amazing book with transform both your Business and your Life.

It invites you to engage with your Business in a whole new JOYous way.

Available direct from Sue, only £22. incl uk P&P

Money isn't The Problem Book -

Money isn't the Problem, you are!

This is an amzing little book, that will have you looking at money, and your willingness to receive in a new way.

A real eye-opener!

Available from Sue including uk postage, only £12.

Had a one to one session with Sue recently and she was fabulous. Sometimes when you have your own business there can be so much to do and it is sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. Sue’s guidance has helped me to focus on the direction I want to go in and how to show that to clients. The session has provided me with energy to take my practice to a higher level.
I love Sue’s energy, she was great to speak to and her experience as a therapist was really helpful. Thanks Sue.
Rebecca Garratt

Sue is certainly one of life’s truly lovely light giving people. Incredibly intuitive, empathic and understanding.

Sue offers very sound advice and has already got me thinking in totally different and more constructive ways.

Thank you so much for all your help. I feel like a lot of my ‘fog’ has been cleared. Thank you Sue

Jenny Hudson

I have experienced my first 1:1 coaching session with Sue today and I'm feeling energised and clear about my business goals.

Sue’s energy is contagious and her knowledge and experience is evident as she helped me to focus on my long term goals for my Reflexology business.

I've also received some very useful tips and tools to help me achieve those goals. I’m excited to see how my business grows and also to work with Sue in the future .

Andrea Amis

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