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Potential customers and buyers are all around, helicoptering about and looking for …. what they’re looking for. What you offer may be the perfect solution for them. You need to be findable in the sea of other options for those customers.

How can you make it easier for those lovely potential customers, to decide that you are the person that they need, to connect with and to give their money to?

After 24+ years in self-employed business, here are my 5 Top Tips to help you make it super easy for them to choose you.

None of this is rocket science, just some simple considerations to see things from a customers perspective, and to make it easier for them to choose you.

Top Tip No 1

Who are You?

Show us your face lovely one.  It’s the first stages of Know-Like-Trust of building a relationship.

Add a profile picture of you, inject your personality into your posts and information. Your potential customers want to know who you are.

People buy People, so make it easy for them to make a connection with You, they’ll be much more likely to become a returning customer and in turn recommend you.

Top Tip No 2

What do you offer?

Give us a clue….  What’s your thing that you create?

Fabrics? Art? Ceramics? Jewellery? Glass? Sculptures? Photography?

Buyers don’t want to spend hours searching.

Show pictures as examples and testimonials if you have them.

Top Tip No 3

Where are You?

Make it super easy for potential customers to find out where you are geographically.

Country. Town. Home Studio. Gallery.

Where are you based?  Where can they find your creations to buy?

Search engines throw up some strange results.

I wanted to get a leather handbag dyed, I found someone in Shrewsbury – Yay.   Shrewsbury in the USA – doh 

Top Tip No 4

How much will it cost?

It’s not a big deal if you’re congruent with your offering.

Show your prices and let them decide.

Some folk are willing to pay way more than you’d image, if it’s something that they really want.  Some wouldn’t pay a fraction of that, it’s not your problem.

Decide on the price (allowing for fees, commissions, materials and overheads) and ask for it.

You can always offer a ‘Sale’ later on if you want to. 

Is showing your prices a problem for you? get in touch and lets sort that out.


Top Tip No 5

Where can they find out more?

If you have a website, Facebook page or a Profile on any share site, share the links widely.

Include information about things like –

  • Where they can view your creations?  Galleries, Fairs etc
  • Can they reserve things for collection?
  • Do you have an online shop?
  • Where do you ship to?
  • Payment terms?
  • Do you take Commissions or special orders?


There we have it, my 5 top things your potential customers want to know.

I know it can feel uncomfortable, putting yourself out there, yet done gradually it’s not so bad.

The wonderful webby searchy thing remembers such a lot of information. Simply keep feeding it and it will be your friend.

Make it easy for your potential buyers and customers to find you and if they like your style, to keep coming back for more of your creations.

Had a one to one session with Sue recently and she was fabulous. Sometimes when you have your own business there can be so much to do and it is sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. Sue’s guidance has helped me to focus on the direction I want to go in and how to show that to clients. The session has provided me with energy to take my practice to a higher level.
I love Sue’s energy, she was great to speak to and her experience as a therapist was really helpful. Thanks Sue.
Rebecca Garratt

Sue is certainly one of life’s truly lovely light giving people. Incredibly intuitive, empathic and understanding.

Sue offers very sound advice and has already got me thinking in totally different and more constructive ways.

Thank you so much for all your help. I feel like a lot of my ‘fog’ has been cleared. Thank you Sue

Jenny Hudson

I have experienced my first 1:1 coaching session with Sue today and I'm feeling energised and clear about my business goals.

Sue’s energy is contagious and her knowledge and experience is evident as she helped me to focus on my long term goals for my Reflexology business.

I've also received some very useful tips and tools to help me achieve those goals. I’m excited to see how my business grows and also to work with Sue in the future .

Andrea Amis

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