Usui Reiki Healing Training in Shrewsbury

It’s easy to learn Reiki with Sue.

Sue teaches Traditional Usui Reiki in small classes at her home in Shrewsbury.  If you prefer, she can come to you and your friends at your location. For a group of 5 or more students you can receive a discount as the host.

Sue first connected with Reiki in 1997 and has been an Usui Reiki Master Teacher since 2000. She has had the privilege of teaching  hundreds of students Usui Reiki over the years.  All levels with quality teaching are available and all with on-going support.

For more general information, you may wish to visit The Reiki Association, Sue is listed in their directory of Master Teachers.

Reiki One or First Degree

A 4 session workshop, either over 2 full days or 4 part days In Reiki One you are attuned to the healing energy that flows all around and through us. It is easy to learn Reiki in this practical class. Reiki One is primarily about self treatment which is fundamental in Reiki, you will also learn how to use Reiki in a share group and to treat loved ones. The teaching follows the traditional oral style with lots of time for hands on practice. Attunement is the process of ‘opening up’ the student to become a channel for the Reiki energy. This process is only be done, in person, by a Reiki Master.

Reiki First Degree is complete in itself.

The tuition includes:-

  • History of Reiki
  • The Five Principles or Precepts
  • 4 Reiki Attunements
  • Instruction for self treatment
  • Instruction for treating others
  • Supervised practice
  • Group treatments

Reiki 1st Degree training, handouts, certificate and ongoing support, £130.  

Contact Sue direct to discuss attending a Class. 

A deposit of £50 is required to secure your place either in cash or by BACS, remaining payment in cash on the day please.

If you are thinking about learning Reiki for whatever reason, (personal healing, healing others, spiritual journey) I would strongly recommend it, it will be with you for life, and help you to constantly discover new things. Reiki has also presented me with various challenges. I have learnt a lot and had my ups and downs and Sue has been an invaluable source of support and kindness to me. I feel eternally grateful to her.

Before, when my body wasn’t functioning well, I had to rely on professionals to put it right. Now I have Reiki to call on – available 24/7!! It’s wonderful, comforting, a dear friend who knows just what I need.

Reiki has given me…..Courage, understanding, greater intuition, wider horizons but most of all a sense of being connected to something extra special, vast and abundant.

Contact Sue direct to discuss attending a Class. 

A deposit of £50 is required to secure your place either in cash or by BACS, remaining payment in cash on the day please.

Reiki Two or Second Degree

A 4 session workshop, often over a part day and a full day with a follow up part day about 6 weeks later. At least 100 days must pass between taking Reiki 1st and 2nd degree, this is to allow for the person to get used to the new energy in their body. Reiki Two works on the mental and emotional levels from where imbalances begin, before they manifest in the body as disease. It also enables you to send Reiki to those you are unable to reach for hands on healing. Second degree Reiki is a foundation for use as a Practitioner but it may also be kept for personal use only.

The tuition includes:-

  • 3 Reiki symbols and their uses
  • Second Degree attunement
  • Distance and absent healing
  • Mental and emotional healing

Reiki 2nd Degree training, handouts, certificate and ongoing support, £330

Thinking about moving into Public Practice with Reiki?   Check out my on-line Practitioner Training E-Course here. Everything that you want to know about setting up Public Practice.

Reiki Mastership or Master Teacher

Details on application. Contact Sue to discuss the possibilities. Reiki Master Teacher training with Sue will take about a year, maybe longer if that suits the student better. More like an apprentice it includes assisting Sue at Reiki training workshops and is about the student ‘Mastering their craft’, no quick fixes here.

The intention is that from this point on you are running your own successful Reiki Training classes, with the confidence that you can support your students along their journey.

Immediately I felt a connection with Sue, she wasn’t pushy trying to sell the need for me to do Reiki, but just gave me the information leaving me as she put it ‘to follow my heart.’

Each level of Reiki is very different and Sue’s breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding to help each individual student at whichever stage are only to be admired.

Sue is a genuine person who really cares about what she does and about maintaining the best standards…. provides excellent support. She honors her students as individuals.

Sue’s  .. strength of commitment and belief in Reiki, shines through and has been an inspiration to me. Her openness and generosity in sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience as both a Reiki practitioner and trainer has been invaluable. Sue is a genuine person who really cares about what she does and about maintaining the best standards.

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