Distance Reiki is available for you 365 days a year

Life is busy and at times, very stressful.  Distance Reiki Healing is the easiest option for many folks all around the world.

Sue sends Distant (or Absent) Reiki 365 days a year to those that want it. Setting aside time every single day to send Reiki is a delight for her.

Human, Animal*, Events, Issues  …. whatever …. Sue can help.     Be it to stay well.  At times of stress or upheaval such as moving house or adjusting to change.     Physical or Emotional.

For Animals*  – Reiki does not replace seeking appropriate medical help from a Veterinarian but we can certainly assist with the emotional aspect of any sickness or dis-ease.

Distance Reiki

You choose and purchase the quantity of sessions you want via the Shop.

Sue will send Distance Reiki to you everyday that it’s booked for for.

The more you pre-pay for the cheaper it becomes.  From £30. for 1 session to only £6.67 for a block of 30.

VIP Distance Reiki

This is a totally personalised service. Sue will send Reiki to you at your preferred time, tailored to your requests.

As near as you can get to a hands-on session, when absent.

Choose the amount of sessions you want to purchase in the Shop and Sue will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Coming soon …


Group Distance Reiki

Ideal for Family Groups, Work Groups, Stable mates…..  it’s up to you

Coming soon…..