Wondering if Sue is the Reiki Master Teacher for you?

Here are some questions you might like to ask a potential Master Teacher. Together with answers from me (Sue) for you, feel free to contact me if you have any other questions to ask.

If a Master is uppity about you asking them questions, that may be a clue for you to begin with.

How long have you been a Reiki Master Teacher?

We all started somewhere. I [Sue] have been a Master Teacher since 2000. There was never an intention on my part to progress to Mastership and Teaching, Reiki led the way and everything fell into place in such a way that there was never any doubt in my mind. Reiki chooses us.

What’s been your journey with Reiki?

For some it was love at first touch with Reiki, others a slower burn. Reiki first found me I [Sue] in 1995/96, I received regular treatments sessions for a while, then realising that I could learn Reiki for myself and self-treat myself, I looked around for a Master.

For me the connection I felt with Reiki was life changing, it was like coming home. Coming home to a part of me that I didn’t know had been missing.

What was involved in your Mastership training and did it include teaching instruction?

Some Masters training is a one day class, I don’t know how that works as it’s not what I experienced.

My Mastership training took a year and was more like an apprenticeship and it certainly included all the teaching support I could ask for. It included all of the following and more:

  •  Attending regular 1:1 study day with my Master Rachel where we would look deeply into every aspect of Reiki, how we use it in our daily life and it’s applications etc.
  • Assisting Rachel at training workshops for both levels Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 acted as superb revision for me as well as supporting the students during the classes.
  • Prepare my own working Teacher Training manual.
  • Regular hands-on sessions and Distance Reiki with Rachel and other Reiki practitioners.
  • Develop my own Reiki treatment practice for the public.
  • Daily self-treatment both hands on and vis Distance.


Sue attuned me to Reiki I and Reiki II in January and June 2007. She is a good teacher who takes time to ensure that a complete understanding is achieved, and organises the teaching so that ‘hands-on’ demonstrations take place at strategic points to reinforce the theoretical knowledge base. Attunements are a powerful and deeply personal experience, and allowing the energy to settle is an important part of the process. When Sue says she offers back-up afterwards so that people can ring to discuss any queries about the effects of Reiki attunements or about their personal development with regard to Reiki, I can vouch for the fact that she really means it.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sue as a teacher.

I met Sue and she helped me settle into Reiki, as I had being attuned by someone else who had moved abroad and I needed more support as I felt wobberly.

She was very clear and thorough on explanations of any queries I had and helped me to understand healing for myself and others, encouraging self-confidence and awareness.

It always amazes me when someone comes into your life to help, often at the right moment…Thanks Sue, you’ve a rock.

Do you self-treat with Reiki and how often?

Yes, I self-treat myself Reiki everyday, both hands on and Distance (as you learn in Reiki 2).

There have been times over the (20+) years when I have got out of the habit, wondered why life had gone a bit funky, then reconnected to Reiki.  Reiki has been a constant in my life, a truly faithful companion. It has never deserted me even when I’ve lost my way.

How can I talk about the glorious benefits of Reiki, if I don’t use it myself?

How many Students / Classes have you taught?

Some teach 1:1, some do big classes.

I teach either 1:1 or in small groups, a maximum of 6 students, more than that I don’t feel I can give everyone the individual attention and support that may be wanted. A class of 2 or 4 students together is my preference, when there have been 6 students I’ve had a Mastership student assisting me.

Mastership training with me is always on an 1:1 basis.

How do you choose your pricing structure?

I use the traditional Usui pricing as a basis. It may be more costly than some other Masters, the student has to decide which is the path for them.  I hope they don’t decide on price alone, that may be a false economy.

As a member of the Reiki Association, I abide by their Code of Ethics.

What support to do offer your Students after training?

All of my students receive ongoing support from me. Phone, text, email as well as my closed Facebook Group – Allowing Joy and Wellness or my Facebook Page – @SueDAllowingJoy

I am also here for any student of Reiki with any questions, concerns or sometimes they just want someone to touch base with.

My students are welcome at Reiki Share days at my home, where they can share ‘team’ treatements  (person on the couch, many hands giving them Reiki).

Personal growth can be a lonely path, I don’t claim to have all the answers, I can though listen and ask questions that can aid the student to unearth their own answers.

The workshop was friendly and informal yet well-structured. Sue herself was down-to-earth and presented the workshop in a clear and interesting way with plenty of time for ‘hands-on’ practise and to ask questions. … the workshop was … very enjoyable.  On both evenings after the workshop I felt that I had a lot more energy than usual and this feeling has continued in the months since.

As well as being more energetic, I feel I’m calmer now. I have a lot more clarity in my goals, I’ve stopped procrastinating and I’ve moved forward in a lot of areas of my life. I genuinely feel that the Reiki techniques Sue shared with us in the workshop have given me a tool that I can use in my daily life whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed. I’ve found it easier than I expected to fit Reiki into my life.

When looking for a Reiki Master/Teacher it was important to me that the person was available for support and any questions I had following the attunement, as a Master/Teacher Sue provided that level of support almost on an instant basis.

Have you experience at teaching all levels of Reiki?

Yes, absolutely.  I have taught hundreds of student both Reiki One and Reiki Two. I think it’s 8 students (without checking my files) that have completed Mastership training with me.

Look at Reiki Training Shrewsbury for more information about my Classes or contact me

I have also supported dozens of students with setting up their Public Practice (after Reiki Two).  I’m am putting together some on-line options for this……  Contact me to find out more

Are there times when you advise against teaching?

For me personally I took a step back from teaching when my life turned upside down. Relationship breakdown, Divorce, Moving home…. When my own life has gone through major changes, I felt it’s best not to teach classes.  Instead I continue to self-treat and allow time for the healing to occur.

As a Reiki Master my role is to be an anchor for the student. Reiki tells me when it’s time to teach and leads the students to me. When it’s not right (as in my energy) the students do not find me.

Like – “When the Student is ready the Teacher will appear”, the reverse is also true.

Do you accept Students who have previously learnt with another Master?

Yes indeed, a number of students have ‘adopted’ me as their Master. Whether it’s for another level of teaching or in a supportive role.

I support everyone with Reiki, whoever they have learnt with and where ever they are on their path.

Let’s just support every path, every style, every student, every teacher and every experience of Reiki.


~  Reiki is Reiki is Reiki  ~


Immediately I felt a connection with Sue, she wasn’t pushy trying to sell the need for me to do Reiki, but just gave me the information leaving me as she put it ‘to follow my heart.’

I have had the privilege of completing both Reiki 1 and 2 [and now Mastership] with Sue.  I count myself as very lucky to have chosen Sue to be my teacher. Her strength of commitment and belief in Reiki, shines through and has been an inspiration to me. Her openness and generosity in sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience as both a Reiki practitioner and trainer has been invaluable. Sue is a genuine person who really cares about what she does and about maintaining the best standards.

Sue provides excellent support. She has always made herself available to help me process my Reiki experience and understanding whenever I have needed to. Knowing some of Sue’s other students, I know this is also the case with them. Having both been a student on her Reiki 1 & 2 workshops and also a helper on others as part of my mastership training, I feel confident to talk about Sue in her role as a teacher. Sue echo’s the ethos of Reiki in her teaching role. She honors her students as individuals.

Sue keeps Reiki training simple and makes it accessible to everyone to learn. She keeps to the information you need and doesn’t dilute Reiki with information. Sue has provided me with a very positive role model as a Reiki Master in training, from which to develop my own practice and individual approach.

Each level of Reiki is very different and Sue’s breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding to help each individual student at whichever stage are only to be admired.

Wherever you are on your Reiki journey, I welcome you.  Get in touch, ask me questions and should you decide that I’m not ‘right’ for you, that’s fine… no hard feelings, explanations or embarrassment required 🙂

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Call or text me on 07855098166 or email me on Sue@SueDavies.me