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I’ve heard this so many times.  Someone says they would love to paint but don’t know where to start, myself included not so long ago.

Creating Art, through paint, in whatever style that takes is a wonderful  avenue of self expression.


I want to paint

Ok, so you have the interest, or you wouldn’t even be reading this I suspect.  Your Soul is calling you to play, to experiment, to express yourself and communicate through Art and paint. It needn’t be anything high brow or serious. Can you invite your inner child to join you on this journey of discovery?

Remember, there was a time in every artist’s life, prior to them picking up a paintbrush, when painting was a completely unknown experience, uncharted territory in their life to date. Mostly it starts with them simply wanting to paint.    Also most people aren’t able to paint like a Great Master from the get-go.    We all start somewhere.

Your Soul is calling you to a creative avenue of expression

Start where you are

Maybe you’ve dabbled a bit in the past. Have a formal qualification from years ago or never painted anything.  

It really doesn’t matter. Ask yourself this…. If not now, when?   You want to paint and yet life is busy with other stuff.  Carve out a little bit of ‘me’ time regularly when you indulge this interest.  See it as a hobby, a spare time activity. Watch out though because it may not stay that way, creating art can be hugely addictive and immensely enjoyable.


Do what inspires you

Splosh paint around on a huge sheet of paper like a four year old.

Play with different mediums –  Acrylic paints, Charcoal,  Oil or Chalk Pastels, Watercolour…..

Experiment with tools – Fingers, Twigs,  Bubblewrap,  old credit Cards as well as Brushes….

If its not fun and Joyful, try something else.    The most engaging art is produced when the creator lets their inspiration flow.


Have fun with this


Don’t go shopping yet

My main piece of advice to any newbie starting out is….  Don’t go buying loads of expensive kit yet.

Experiment and play first. Discover your preferred medium and better still discover your own style, before making big investments.

You may discover you prefer loose watercolour on paper is more your thing. Perhaps its Acrylic paint on boards. It may be using various tools and fingers rather than brushes. Inks and pens may light you up. 

Someone you know may have a stash of unwanted art stuff they’d be delighted to pass along to you.  High street stores have ‘student’ quality items that will get you started without breaking the bank.

Investing in Professional quality can come when you’ve found your groove. Friends and family will be delighted once they know what to get you on future birthday and Christmas’s. 


I’m here to support you

It’s not so long ago I was a complete beginner, and I still consider myself a beginner, I constantly learning and growing in my knowledge and confidence as an artist.

In my world creative world there are no rights, no wrongs and certainly no mistakes, only surprises.

Part of my journey is to share my knowledge with those who also want to paint, join me and lets see where this takes us….


Where are you on your creative journey?  What are you challenges?  Let me know in the comments.

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