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Welcome lovely one,

It’s wonderful to have you here in this fabulous programme.  My intention is to be all the support you could want with your Wellness Biz.

Supporting You and Your Wellness Business, wherever you are starting from and wherever you want to get to.

We will also be creating magic with the energy of your Biz, shifting your mindset and limiting beliefs, and various tools to unlock all the hidden potential.


This online programme is about to get a new injection of energy and have a makeover.


Watch out in the Facebook group for updates.

Please let me know where you are starting from; a newbie start-up, been going for a while or longstanding and ready for growth.

Join me in the private Facebook group where I can answer all of your questions.

Any problems whatsoever, please contact me at

**  You have Lifetime Membership, however the Academy grows and evolves with it’s membership.  Should you wish to, you are free to leave at any time and re-join at any time, paying the current membership price.

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