When choosing a name for your wellness Business there are many things you want to consider before going into print.

Consider first how specific you want the name of the business to be as this will relate to not only your findability, both for your customers and for search engines. Also expansion opportunities.

  • Does your Business specialise in one area and you will never ever diversify?
  • Do you do various things that would come under an Umbrella identity eg Holistic or Nutrition, Therapies
  • Is there a possibility you will expand, either in your offerings or type of service. Such as Reiki then also Reflexology. Mobile services then operating from a premises.

It is as well to give this some expansive consideration, rather than limit yourself and the business.

1. Identity

Choose a name that you can get a Domain name for (the www…… name) even if you don’t have a website currently.

It could be annoying to build a strong local reputation with a name, only to find you cant use it online because all of the variations have been claimed.

A quick search on https://www.123-reg.co.uk/ can save you lots of wasted pondering hours.

2. Get creative and be memorable

Playing with words can be fun, getting creative and jumbling things about. Get together with some mates and a bottle of wine and see what pops.

Helen’s Holistics.   Marlow Massage.   Chiropractic Corrections. Find something that lights you up.

I know so many Practitioners and some I really can’t remember what they call their business, maybe something involving words like – Calm ~ Tranquil ~ Healing ~ Energy ~ Serenity, all of which are great for telling me how I’ll feel in relation to their product or service, but doesn’t help me find them online.

How can you stand out from your ‘Competitors’?

Worried about your Competition?   Read my Blog – Yikes! A new competitor on the block here

3. Ask

Asking your friends and fellow business owners think of you proposed name, can be a helpful exercise.  You’re also very welcome to ask on my Facebook page Sue Davies Allowing Joy & Wellness  or in my private Facebook group Allowing Joy & Wellness.

Remember to checkout how names sound when said really quickly, after a couple of glasses of that wine, with different accents, especially if you don’t have a ‘local’ accent.  Also when the whole name is stuck together as in www.abcmassage.co.uk, can it be misread as anything else – even big companies have made big whoopsies in that area.

Ask, what does the business desire to be called? The Business and each of the creations within the business, each have their own energy. We go into this within  Your Wellness Biz (coming soon). When we commune with the energy of the business and follow the energy of the creations, everything is so much easier for you and your clients.

4. Don’t make it Complicated

I’ve had various identities for my businesses over the years.

When I initially qualified as a Chiropodist in 1995, I operated out a Holistic Centre as well as doing home visits. I soon started offering Reflexology at the centre as well as Reiki, then also EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

At one time I was running and promoting 3 businesses –

  • Sue Ashton-Green – Chiropodist (as I was then)
  • Ashton-Green Reiki & Reflexology
  • Ashton-Green EFT

Running two separate websites (Chiropody and Holistic) and two sets of accounts…. Exhausting and Crazy!!

When in reality there was an obvious crossover with both expenses and many of my clients/markets.  All were Healthcare or Wellbeing or whatever name you choose.

5. Exploit your USP

What’s you USP?  It’s your Unique Selling Point, it’s what makes you different….

Early on, when I was playing with different names for my business, I was having a conversation with a chap from the Yellow Pages; that big yellow book was all we had pre internet and it was the place to be for credibility. This man give me some really helpful advice, to use my name.

My name was so unique (Ashton was my birth name and handy to be in the A listing of things, the Green part was my from my then husband). The Yellow Pages chap said he’d never come across an Ashton-Green before and recommended I use.

It was a huge success, I was very findable especially once the internet came along, even if it did sound like a housing estate – lol.

What is your USP (you will have one I promise) and how can you tap into it for your advantage?


If your name in some way unusual why not use it.

6. Evolving made easy

When you use your own name you are claiming your identity and allowing space to evolve.

Do you really know what your business will be doing in 5 years time, keep some wriggle room.

I couldn’t get the domain name of SueDavies.co.uk or .com, though I could get SueDavies.me so I grabbed it quick, because I am Me.

Is the thought of using your own name making you cringe?    Book a Clarity session with me and lets clear all that with various energy techniques that I use.

7. Keep it simple

The former owner of my Happy Feet Foot Health Care Clinic had, for many years called it Happy Feet Chiropody. She decided to drop the Chiropody word thinking that she may evolve the business in some way, this was very fortuitous when she decided to retire.

It made it so much easier for me to keep that name for the Clinic (some legal stuff I wont go into here) and I just and to search out every possible online listing for Happy Feet and change the contact details to mine. It is a bespoke clinic and the name works perfectly.

Everyone loves the name Happy Feet, it does what it says and it’s memorable.   Because it’s a very local service it doesn’t matter that there are lots of other businesses called Happy Feet, and the more effort I put into getting it found online for #Shrewsbury the easier it is.

When things change

And they will, at some point….

Sometimes we have to bite the bullet, put the work in and go for it.

When I married Paul it was a very conscious decision to change my surname to Davies from Ashton-Green. It felt more important to not be taking my ex husband into my new marriage than to grapple with a change of identity in business.

I certainly didn’t want to juggle a split identity of Davies for personal and Ashton-Green for business, way to complicated for me and everyone else.  Some folks switching just part of the name to Sue Ashton-Davies…. that would have changed my initial from SAG to SAD!!!  Not a good vibe I feel

With time and effort on all things internety, I’m claiming a presence as www.SueDavies.me which includes all that I offer.

Incidentally having Happy Feet pages on my site may not seem totally relevant, it actually generates a lot of traffic to my site, which in turn helps to get found on google as well as cross over of clients.


Is it memorable and findable?       Does it fit?        And does it give you space to grow?

Do shout up if I can help you